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4 Chimney Cleaning Myths to Avoid

4 chimney cleaning myths to avoid champion chimneys

There are many myths surrounding chimney cleaning, and it is important to be aware of them to ensure your chimney functions properly.

Chimney cleaning is an essential part of chimney maintenance. A clean chimney is a safe and happy chimney. Conversely, a poorly maintained chimney can lead to potential safety hazards for your home and family. There are many myths surrounding chimney cleaning, and it is important to be aware of them to ensure your chimney functions properly. Here are some of the most common myths about chimney cleaning.

You Do Not Need to Clean Your Chimney if You Rarely Use It

This myth is completely false. Even if you barely use your fireplace it does not mean that other factors cannot interfere with the integrity of your chimney. Birds often build nests into unused chimneys. These nests can block the chimney putting you at risk for a fire in your home. The chimney can also crack even if you aren’t using it, possibly due to moisture expanding between the bricks. Clearing out any blockages and repairing water damage can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

Metal Chimney Liners Do Not Need to be Cleaned

As stated, you should always have your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly. The material of your chimney liner does not determine whether your chimney needs to be cleaned. Many homeowners believe that having a metal chimney liner exempts them from needing cleanings. However, creosote still builds up in metal chimney liners. Even a small amount of it in the flue can cause a dangerous chimney fire. Metal liners can be severely damaged by a chimney fire or become warped from water damage. In fact, some warranties on chimney liners are made void if regular inspections are not continued after being installed.

Burning Softwoods Can Increase Creosote Buildup

This is a myth that has been around for decades but it has ultimately been disproven.  It was found that softwoods, such as cedar and pine, do no more harm than other types of firewood, as long as the firewood is seasoned. In fact, it is actually low-temperature fires that are the biggest problem – no matter what type of wood you burn.

You Can Start a Chimney Fire to Clean Your Chimney

This myth is false and trying to attempt it can be hazardous. Chimney fires are unpredictable and can actually be explosive. Intentionally starting a chimney fire can cause flames to shoot out of your chimney. This can damage your chimney and surrounding property. The heat from the fire can cause the metal flue to warp and masonry to crack. The hot creosote can also damage your roof.

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