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Identifying Types of Chimney Stains

Identifying Types of Chimney Stains champion chimneys

As a homeowner, it is important to be aware of what chimney stains mean and the health of your chimney.

There really is no denying that a chimney stain is a common occurrence for many homeowners. In fact, while chimney stains can be quite common, many homeowners don’t know that having black chimney stains might signal that there is nothing wrong — or potentially something really wrong with your chimney overall. As a homeowner, it is important to be aware of what chimney stains mean and the health of your chimney. Ultimately, there are a few different types of chimney stains and they each represent different things. Here are the best ways to make sure that your chimney stains are problematic or not.

Black Stains On Your Chimney

If there are black stains on your chimney, then there might be a number of different reasons accompanying that. In fact, most black stains are usually caused by soot. The reality is, if you can’t even remember the last time that you cleaned your chimney professionally, then soot will typically build up on your chimney. Ultimately, whether your chimney was cleaned poorly or you haven’t had your shiny sweeped professionally, doing so might be the best solution when experiencing black stains on your chimney. For the most part, black stains are harmless — however, black stains might also signal that there’s black mold on your chimney — which is never a good thing. Therefore, it is always best to hire professionals to come out and examine the potential reason behind black stains on your chimney and devise a great plan to determine the best way to tackle the issue. So you can finally rest assured that the chimney is in proper working order. 

Blue And Green Stains

Besides black, homeowners can experience blue and green stains all along their chimneys as well. In fact, these unique colors on your chimney are likely to signal that there is algae present in the chimney itself. The reality is, whether it’s algae that has formed or whether the masonry has started wearing away, it becomes imperative that you hire a professional to take a peek at the issue and find a solution quickly to salvage your chimney for many years to come. Ultimately, algae isn’t necessarily harmful to your health, it can still be quite hazardous to your home overall. 

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