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The Anatomy of a Chimney

It’s official—cold weather is here, and it’s not going away for some time. By now, we’re sure that you’ve had your chimney swept, and you’re looking forward to a long winter of cozy fires. While your fire is crackling away, you might find yourself wondering about the anatomy of your chimney. What is a ‘flue’? How about the ‘hearth’? Today, we’ll give you a crash course on the anatomy of a chimney.

The Anatomy of a Chimney

What exactly is a ‘flue’? Here’s a breakdown of the anatomy of a chimney.

The Chimney

We promise this isn’t a cop-out. Before we can delve into the other parts of a chimney, we’re going to want to define what a ‘chimney’ really is.

In everyday speech, we can use the word ‘chimney’ to refer to the entire system. It is the sum of its parts. We can define it as a vertical tube through which smoke and gas can leave your home.

But for professionals like us, a chimney is more than just a chimney. From our perspective, the ‘chimney’ is just the exterior of the system. It can be made of brick or metal. It could have been installed by a mason, or assembled in a factory.

The Flue

Most fireplace owners have heard the term ‘flue’ before. But what does it really refer to?

Specifically, a flue is a passage through which smoke and gas exit the building. Unlike the masonry or metal on the outside of your chimney, the flue runs through the inside.

Typically it is made of metal, and is lined with some sort of insulating material. This serves to protect your home and those inside it from the risk of chimney fires. Your flue liner can easily be replaced if it takes damage.

Next time you get your chimney swept, remember that, from our perspective, we’re not really sweeping your chimney. We’re sweeping your flue.

The Hearth

If you aren’t a chimney cleaning professional, chances are that the hearth is all you’re really concerned with. The hearth is the heart of the chimney. It’s where you light your fires. But a hearth on its own would be completely insufficient.

This is just the very basics of the anatomy of a chimney. Next week, we’ll go into more detail, and explore some parts of a chimney you’ve probably never heard of.

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