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Chimney and Fireplace Safety Tips

chimney and fireplace sfety

It’s vital to take chimney and fireplace safety seriously.

It’s vital to take chimney and fireplace safety seriously. A common misconception is that fireplaces and chimneys are parts of the home that can’t be easily damaged and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Because chimneys and fireplaces are a part of the home’s heating system, you shouldn’t think of them as just masonry work. If you want your chimney and fireplace to survive indefinitely, then all it requires is a little maintenance. Hiring chimney professionals like us to take care of chimney inspections will keep your beloved heating mechanism in its best shape for years to come. Here are some chimney and fireplace safety tips.

What are the Most Common Issues That Stem From A Poorly-Maintained Chimney?

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 

Carbon monoxide poisoning is typically the top issue that comes from not having chimney inspections. Unfortunately, a large number of illnesses stem from carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as alarming rates of death. Fireplaces generate carbon monoxide, and the gas is dangerous because it’s both odorless and colorless. Carbon monoxide being present is not necessarily the issue itself. Improper exhausting of fumes is the problem, and fireplace and chimney inspections can solve this issue.

Chimney Fires

Another severe threat is chimney fires. When fires burn, they generate smoke. As the smoke rises upward through the chimney, it comes into contact with the chimney flue (the cooler interior of the chimney). Then, some of the smoke condenses. This condensed smoke is called creosote, a black or brown substance that accumulates on the flue. If too much creosote builds up, your chimney can catch on fire. 

Chimney and Fireplace Failures

The third problem that comes from poor chimney maintenance is simply the structure failing to work. You may notice that you have a drafty fireplace. At this point, carbon monoxide could leak into the home, or you could experience multiple chimney fires. Regardless of the result, a poorly working chimney is dangerous. 

Chimney and Fireplace Safety Tips

  • Have your chimney cleaned and inspected annually
  • If you burn unseasoned wood in your fireplace, consider biannual chimney inspections (unseasoned wood tends to create more creosote)
  • Invest in new chimney installation if your chimney is decades old and has never had an inspection

Keep Your Heating System Well-Equipped By Following Our Fireplace and Chimney Safety Tips

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