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Caps and Dampers

If you feel a draft in your fireplace insert, that means there may not be a flue insert in your chimney. This should be fixed as soon as possible, ideally before use. A flue damper, or throat damper, is a metal addition above the firebox that allows smoke to rise out of the chimney while your fireplace or wood-burning stove is being used. A top-sealing damper is used to combat common issues in normal dampers such as faulty seals, a cold flue, and obstructions. Make sure your damper is fully open before starting a fire.

A chimney cap covers the top of your chimney and serves as a protection against rain, debris, and wildlife. It can also prevent odors from wayward animal droppings. A chimney cap can also protect your roof from embers and avoid a house fire. Our technicians use these general guidelines to install your chimney cap.

  1. Remove the bolts that hold the panel down to access the rest of the venting system.
  2. Before installing the new cap, clean the top of the chimney.
  3. Place high-temperature silicone on the perimeter of the damper, put the topper on, and feed a line down the chimney.
  4. Ensure all guidelines and safety precautions are followed.

Having a working chimney cap can avoid an expensive chimney repair later on. Our Champion Chimney technicians are certified to install both flue dampers and chimney caps.

Contact us for an estimate on a new cap or flue damper.

“Have used them for years for chimney cleaning, repairs, and new installation. Good work, fair pricing, and they stand behind what they do to make it right.”
– Kevin Green

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