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How Ice Can Damage Your Chimney

How Ice Can Damage Your Chimney champion chimneys

It is possible to extend the lifespan of your chimney.

Did you know that snow and ice can be damaging to your chimney? In fact, snow and ice can really hinder your chimneys’ structure over time. When gone untreated, snow and ice can be hazardous to not just your chimney but your home as well. The reality is, with each passing winter, there is no shortage of snow or ice. As a result, being aware of how ice can damage your chimney can provide you with the best resources and tools to utilize to ensure your chimney withstands the test of time. Extending the lifespan of your chimney can be accomplished. All it takes is knowing these key ways in which ice can severely damage your chimney

Flashing Damage

The traditional area where your chimney meets the roof of your home is quite sensitive to water damage. In fact, water leaks are all too common within this area because water simply tends to pool there — leading to water leaks through your roof. The reality is, investing in a flashing system can be a great way to curb any potential water leaks before they even happen. Ultimately, it’s just about protecting your roof and chimney from potential water damage more than anything else. As a result, having a flashing system will typically create a nice seal that’ll actually keep water out of your chimney

Spalling Damage

Spalling damage is widespread among homeowners. In fact, because masonry materials are so porous, they tend to absorb water all too easily — leading to a leak or other water damage. The reality is, this type of damage can lead to structural issues down the line and severe damage to the integrity of not just your chimney but your home as well. Having waterproofing elements in your home becomes increasingly important to protect the structural integrity of your home and chimney overall. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing more important than ensuring your home is protected from any water damage that may come around. In fact, ensuring you have the proper preventative systems in place becomes increasingly important as we head into the colder months with the chance of snow and ice becoming more and more prevalent. 

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