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Maintaining Your Fireplace and Chimney this Spring

Maintaining Your Fireplace and Chimney this Spring champion chimneys

Here’s an overview of the spring maintenance your fireplace and chimney need.

While there are still a few chilly nights ahead of us, spring is certainly in the air. Warm weather comes with quite a few pleasures, but soon, we’ll have to say goodbye to roaring fires in the fireplace. We should accomplish a few basic maintenance tasks before we retire our fireplaces for the season. Here’s an overview of the spring maintenance your fireplace and chimney need.

Clean the Hearth

If you’re a heavy fireplace user, you probably must clean out the hearth quite a bit. During the winter, you can get away with using your fireplace tools to scoop out excess ash. But you should do a deeper cleaning as part of your spring maintenance.

Start by scooping out ash and soot as usual, then apply a paste made from baking soda and a commercial dishwashing detergent. Scrub along until the heart looks as clean as can be.

Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

Nearly anyone can clean out the hearth, but you’ll need professional expertise for this next step. Many people like to schedule their annual chimney inspection in the fall, but the spring is a better time. Why put it off until later? There is generally less demand in the spring, so book an inspection as soon as you can.

During your inspection, we will come out to your house and evaluate the state of your chimney. We will likely recommend chimney cleaning to reduce your risk of a chimney fire in the coming season. A chimney inspection should be a regular part of your spring maintenance!

Close the Doors and Damper

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned the hearth and had your chimney inspection, it’s time for the final task of spring maintenance: closing up the doors and the damper. Closing the doors is simple enough, but how about the damper?

When most people speak of ‘closing the flue,’ they mean closing the damper. There is generally a handle just above the hearth that you can turn to close the flue. You should do this at the end of the season for many reasons. One of the most significant is so that birds nesting in your chimney can’t make their way into your house.

With your spring maintenance completed, your chimney and fireplace will be ready to go when the first cold weather comes through.


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