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Never Put These Flammables in Your Fireplace!

No one should ever have to experience a house fire. The good news is that, if you take proper fire safety precautions at home, you can reduce your risk of experiencing a devastating house fire to almost zero. As you might suspect, it’s important to apply fire safety best practices with your fireplace as well. In these last few weeks of winter, let’s be careful not to burn any of these flammables in the fireplace.

Never Put These Flammables in Your Fireplace!

In these last few weeks of winter, let’s be careful not to burn any of these flammables in the fireplace.

Starter Fluids

Fire starter fluids might be okay to use with caution on a grill or a campfire. But you should never use them in the fireplace of your home. For one thing, you run the risk of the flames following a trail of fluid outside of your fireplace if you aren’t careful. Additionally, this can release toxic fumes that you don’t want floating about your house.

Additionally, fire starter fluids can damage the structure of your chimney. They burn too hotly, which could end up causing harm to your chimney liner.


Do you know the difference between hardwood and softwood? As a rule of thumb, remember that hardwood trees are deciduous, whereas softwoods are evergreen. Dendrologists classify such species as pine, spruce, or fir as softwoods.

Softwood may smell nice, but that doesn’t mean you should burn it in your fireplace. Not only can these burn too hotly, but they also contain too much resin. As this resin burns, it can produce an excess of creosote that builds up in your chimney, dramatically increasing your risk of a chimney fire.

Wet Wood

By the same token, burning wet wood—even if it’s properly seasoned hardwood—is inadvisable. The moisture present in wet firewood will also accelerate the build-up of creosote in your chimney.

You probably already try to avoid burning wet wood, but keep in mind that you should do so for more reasons than just ease of lighting. When you know you’re about to get rain or snow, cover your firewood pile with a waterproof tarp. You could also bring a small supply indoors to stay dry—just make sure it’s far away from the fireplace and any other flames.

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