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Signs You Need Chimney Sweeping

You’ve probably heard that you need chimney sweeping once per year. This is a great rule of thumb, but it’s not true for everyone. Everyone’s fireplace usage is different. Some people light far more fires than others. Some use firewood that produces more creosote. All of these things impact how often you will need your chimney swept. If you’re unsure of whether or not you need chimney sweeping, here are some signs that you do.

Signs You Need Chimney Sweeping

Some people need chimney sweeping more than once annually. Here are some signs you do, too.

Smoke Isn’t Going Out Your Chimney

When you try to light a fire, have you noticed that the smoke isn’t going up the chimney as it should, but it’s instead blowing into your home? This could be simply the result of a cold flue. But if the problem doesn’t resolve itself after you’ve warmed up the flue, this is typically a sign of excess creosote build-up. Chimney cleaning will resolve that for you in no time.

Difficult to Start a Fire

If you’re normally an adept fire starter, but seem to be struggling all of a sudden, there are a few possible explanations. One of these is that your firewood this year hasn’t been sufficiently seasoned. The other is that there’s excess creosote blocking the chimney. Any form of blockage can interfere significantly with a fire’s ability to thrive. This is because of the importance of airflow, which becomes compromised in a chimney that desperately needs sweeping.

Bad Smells

If your fireplace emanates bad odors when it’s not in use, you should certainly get a professional to take a look. In almost all cases, chimney sweeping will take care of it. Creosote, which causes chimney fires, is known to produce a foul smell in some circumstances.

There is also the possibility of decaying leaves in your chimney, or worse—a dead animal. In either of these cases, a properly fitting chimney cap should do the trick. But to get rid of the smell, you’re going to need chimney sweeping.

More than 1/8” Of Creosote Build-up

Unless you’re in the business, it can be difficult to tell exactly how much creosote has built up on the inside of your chimney. In your annual chimney inspection, the inspector should be able to tell you.

If you’re having a winter of especially high usage, and want to make sure there isn’t too much creosote, consider having a chimney inspection done mid-season. This can help you get a gauge on whether or not you need chimney sweeping more than once annually.

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