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Why are Sparks Coming Out of My Chimney?

Why are Sparks Coming Out of My Chimney? champion chimneys

Flying sparks could indicate a chimney fire.

Fireplaces are a great way to warm your home while adding style to your interior. But, when your fireplace is unsafe, it is hardly a relaxing experience. It is essential to have a professional chimney sweep come to your home to clean and inspect before problems occur, like sparks coming out of your chimney. Flying sparks could indicate a chimney fire. Let’s go over what to do if you notice embers coming out of your chimney.

Evacuate Immediately

 Sparks, embers, and dark smoke are clear signs of a chimney fire. It is safe to assume that there is a fire burning somewhere if you see any of these coming out of your chimney. Evacuating from the house is the most crucial step to this dangerous situation. Before you even attempt to put out any sparks or gather your belongings, you must first evacuate everyone out of your home and call the fire department immediately.

Close Dampers and Air Vents

The fire can quickly grow if any air vents or dampers are open. It is good to make sure all air vents are closed to keep the fire at bay. Shutting air vents can help reduce the strength of the fire. This is only safe to do as long as your loved ones are a safe distance away from the chimney and the fire department is already on the way.

Move Furniture

If the fire is relatively small still, you can attempt to move all flammable furniture and belongings around your fireplace to prevent more damage. It is suggested to wear a shirt around your mouth, as inhaling smoke can be harmful to your health. Remember, this is only advisable if the fire is small. If the fire is spreading and growing, you should wait outside for the fire department to arrive and safely put out the fire.

Call the Chimney Professionals 

After the fire department has extinguished the fire and your home is safe again, it is time to call a chimney expert to inspect the structure. A professional chimney company can assess the damage and repair the chimney. It is important to schedule an inspection before using the chimney again since excess heat generated during a fire can cause cracks in the flue lining and further damage your property.

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