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Why You Should Avoid DIY Chimney Cleaning

Why You Should Avoid DIY Chimney Cleaning champion chimneys

Some people think they can save money by doing their own chimney cleaning. We advise against this for a few reasons, but the biggest one is that it’s unsafe.

No one wants to add another chore to their list of household duties, but chimney cleaning is a pretty important one. If ignored, the natural combustion processes that go on within your chimney will eventually create creosote and other contaminants that will inevitably build up. If you don’t remove these substances, they can actually combust—and as one might imagine, that can be a big issue for homeowners.

Instead, chimney cleaning is the way to go. However, some people think they can save money by cleaning their chimneys. We advise against this for a few reasons, but the biggest one is that it’s unsafe for you to do it yourself. Here are a few more considerations to make.

You Risk Falling or Slipping

It’s not a surprise that people end up tripping, slipping, or otherwise falling while on their rooftops trying to clean their chimneys out. This reason alone is a big enough one that we can confidently say, let a chimney cleaning specialist take care of your cleaning needs. The combination of training, tools, and experience that they have will help keep them safe while getting the job done, and you can instead relax and kick back knowing that the job will be done safely and efficiently. 

It’s Hard to Keep Soot Out

Anyone who has embarked on a journey to clean their own chimney knows just how difficult it can be to keep soot out of their home. You need proper safeguards in place in order to prevent those clouds of black soot from flowing down through your fireplace and potentially billowing into your home. Soot is difficult to clean, especially if it makes its way into the fabrics that might be in your den or dining room. Avoid spending more on cleaning fees after the fact and spend the money on chimney cleaning upfront.

You Could Miss a Bigger Red Flag

Part of the benefit of hiring a professional chimney sweep is getting access to their experienced, keen eye. Not only will they clear away all that debris in your chimney, they’ll also be spending a good deal of time with your fireplace as a whole and may be able to point out any issues. If you are inexperienced, you may not know to look for a cracked flue or malfunctioning damper, so it’s nice to have that extra set of eyes.

You May Not Have the Proper Tools

A professional chimney sweep is going to put a variety of specialized equipment to use. These tools are designed to clean your chimney, protect your home, and keep the chimney sweep safe, too. It’s simply not cost-effective or wise to buy these tools yourself, especially when things like chemical cleaners can be involved that require you know how to use them.

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