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4 Benefits of Annual Chimney Inspections

4 Benefits of Annual Chimney Inspections champion chimneys

An annual chimney inspection will ensure your chimney is in stellar condition.

You can do many things to take care of your fireplace system. After you burn a fire, you know to clean out your firebox, but leave some ashes to help smother the coals and improve the quality. Also, the dampers should be open when you’re burning a fire and closed when you aren’t using the fireplace. But, chimneys have many more issues than fireplaces and therefore require much more attention. An annual chimney inspection will ensure your chimney is in stellar condition. Here are the benefits of yearly chimney inspections.

Keeps Creosote to a Minimum

Creosote builds up after continuous fireplace use. Creosote comes in many forms and is the cause of most chimney fires. In addition, creosote can damage internal structures and areas of your chimney due to its high acid content. Finally, large accumulations of creosote will narrow the flue passage and affect drafting, which can send smoke and harmful carbon monoxide into your home. A professional chimney inspector will assess the level of creosote in your flue and recommend proper cleaning.

Identifies Potential Problems

Annual chimney inspections are incredibly vital because chimney experts can spot problems in the early stages. For example, repairing moisture damage is less expensive when caught sooner than later. Also, it is often during an inspection when chimney liner damage is identified. You should never use your fireplace or stoves when there is even the most minor crack in the liner. The flue liner must be intact to protect nearby combustible materials from heat and prevent leakage of toxic gases into the home.

Removes Chimney Blockages

If you don’t have a chimney cap, you may have an issue with debris coming in from the outside. It is common for leaves, twigs, and falling fruit to get stuck in the chimney as well as animals building nests in the structure. Debris can also serve as fuel in the event of a chimney fire. Scheduling an annual chimney inspection will tell you if you need to have the chimney cleaned out. If your chimney doesn’t have a cap, your inspector may recommend installing one to prevent future issues.

Reduces Allergies

Chimney drafts attract dust, pet hair, and other irritants, along with combustion materials. Those who suffer from allergies can be affected by irritants that circulate when a fire is lit. Chimney cleaning will help remove potential allergens and keep the air in your home healthier.

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