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A Few Chimney Basics That Every Homeowner Should Know

Knowing a few chimney basics can help preserve the lifespan of your chimneys.

Knowing a few chimney basics can help preserve the lifespan of your chimneys. Homeowners love the warmth and beauty that a fireplace can bring, but often fail to cater to their chimney, which can be dangerous. Chimney inspections and regular cleanings can prevent a lot of damage, or the worst-case scenario: a chimney fire. We encourage you to get up close with your chimney and learn more about it. Here are a few chimney basics that every homeowner should know. 

Every Homeowner Should Know Their Chimney Type

Not all chimneys are alike. Knowing the type that’s in your home is critical to proper maintenance. Here are the three main types:

  1. Single-Walled Metal: Single-walled metal chimneys involve a thin metal pipe sticking up from the home’s roof with a circular top. Older homes typically have this type of chimney. Newer building codes favor masonry chimneys.
  2. Masonry: These are standard brick chimneys and are the safest. Masonry chimneys are efficient and reliable because they come with pre-installed liners to ensure proper ventilation.
  3. Pre-Fabricated Metal: This type of chimney is also known as a “factory-built” chimney and most ideal for commercial properties.

Every Homeowner Can Benefit From Having a Chimney Liner

Chimney liners protect your house from heat and flammable materials. When a chimney doesn’t have this specialized coating, the heat from a fire can rise expeditiously and cause any nearby products to catch on fire. Chimney liners provide a much-needed barrier to ensure you and your home’s safety. There are three standard chimney liners:

  1. Metal: Best for structures that have had many repairs
  2. Clay: Work best in open fireplaces
  3. Cast-in-Pace: Customizable chimney liner that has a cement unit designed to fit the shape of your fireplace

Every Homower Should Invest in Chimney Inspections 

Only inspecting your home when it’s time to sell is ill-advised. A lot of chimney issues start small, such as small tears in the liner. But when you ignore these issues, worse problems occur. You could end up finding yourself with a massive problem and an expensive bill. Annual chimney inspections can save you a lot of money and keep you from having many migraines. Knowing and becoming familiar with these chimney basics will make a world of difference. 

Don’t Be in Despair If Your Chimney Needs Repair

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