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The Benefits of Lined Chimneys

Lined chimneys are safe and will help to efficiently warm your home for years to come

Lined chimneys can make a world of difference. There are many benefits of having your chimney lined or relined. Taking care of this part of the home is often neglected, which is a mistake. Not properly taking care of your chimney can cause severe issues, such as fires or mold. Therefore, being knowledgeable about upkeep and safety is vital. Here are the benefits and safety components behind a chimney liner.

Benefit From a Better Draft

If you have an oversized flue in your home, it can cause the draft to slow down. The flue gases then begin to cool as they move through the area that is too large for the appliance. Particles of creosote may condense out of the smoke. As a result, it may stick to the walls of the flue in the process. When a chimney has a slow draft, it causes the device to burn inefficiently. A lined chimney combats this issue because the insulated liner will have a proper fit. The flue will warm up quickly, and the draft will be stronger. 

Benefit From Burning Less Fuel

A lined chimney will help you burn less energy in your home. Once again, when a flue does not have the proper alignment, it results in a slower draft, meaning that it will take more wood to heat a woodstove. The same concept applies to gas or oil-fired appliances. For every cubic foot of energy burned, flue gases carry around water vapor. With a chimney liner, the water vapor can exit the chimney in the form of steam versus resulting in moisture that causes stains, peeling wallpaper, or even mold. 


Another benefit to look forward to is that with an insulated liner, especially regarding oil and gas, is that when these appliances cycle off, the lining continues to stay warm for a while. Shorter warm-up time is a result of this, which means that you’ll have a warmer, more efficient flue. 

Safety Components

The number one reason that you should invest in a lined chimney is for safety reasons. An improperly sized flue causes venting problems. An unlined chimney is honestly not safe to use. Codes and standards are in place to address issues with existing structures to prevent future concerns with construction. 

Do you not own a lined chimney? Then call Champion Chimneys today so that we can take care of this for you. We care, with sincerity, about the safety of you and your family. 

Is Your Chimney Not Lined? We Can Fix it Just In Time! 

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