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Dryer Vents: Cleaning Them Prevents Fires

Cleaning your dryer vents is a surefire way to prevent fires

Cleaning your dryer vents an integral part of fire prevention in any home. Clothes dryers cause nearly 15,000 house fires annually, according to the National Fire Protection Association. The accumulation of lint in your dryer vents can be dangerous, so it’s essential to inspect and clean your vents regularly, even if your dryer alerts you when it detects a blocked vent. These features may not identify partial blocks, which can not only negatively affect your dryer’s performance. They can also represent a severe fire hazard. 

Always Clean the Lint Filter

One of the most manageable and most important steps you can take for preventing dryer fires in your home is cleaning the lint filter every time you use your dryer. Cleaning the screen after every load will prevent the buildup of lint that can cause a dangerous block in your dryer vents. This process is essential for home dryer prevention, but cleaning the lint filter after every load will also help your clothes dry faster and keep your dryer working efficiently.

Clean the Dryer Duct At Least Once Per Year

It can be challenging to identify the right time to inspect and maintain your home systems. When it comes to your dryer ducts, it’s essential to clean them out annually, at least. If it’s taking a long time to dry your laundry (longer than usual) this can be a sign that there’s a blockage or excessive buildup in the dryer vent system. Try looking at the vent outside your home while the dryer is working and checking for exhaust air. If the air is weak or you cannot feel it at all, it’s probably time to clean the dryer duct. Disconnect your dryer, move it from the wall, disconnect the duct from the dryer vent and vacuum out both the duct and the vent. When this process is complete, make sure that you reconnect the duct securely and adequately before moving the dryer back to its original position and reconnecting the power.

Replace Accordion Ducts

Dryer ducts typically connect directly to the dryer vent, but in some cases, an accordion duct connects them. These are usually plastic or foil and can sag over time, allowing lint to build up and potentially cause a blockage. It’s a good idea to replace these ducts with a rigid metal duct to prevent sagging and reduce the risk of fire hazards.

Be Careful With Chemical Stains

If your clothes have gas stains, cooking grease, cleaning agents, or other flammable substances on them, it’s vital to take great care with how you wash them. Instead of potentially heating those chemicals in the dryer, we recommend that you instead wash the clothes twice and hang them to dry. This process can help you avoid dangerous hazards. If you must dry the stained items in the dryer, dry them on the lowest temperature setting with a cycle that concludes with a cool-down period.

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