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Why Having a Clean Chimney and Fireplace Matters

A clean chimney makes for a safe home

During the cold winter months, there is absolutely nothing better than having a roaring fireplace that can warm your home. What’s even better is a clean fireplace that allows homeowners to have the peace of mind. They need to ensure everyone is safe while their fireplace is in action. With that in mind, not every fireplace is entirely clean. Just as with any other home appliance you have, a fireplace requires proper upkeep and maintenance to undeniably make sure that it works properly when you need it. What’s even more critical is that unlike a home appliance, a fireplace can be harmful when not properly cleaned. Here are some significant reasons why having both a clean chimney and fireplace becomes so very important.

Annual Fireplace Cleanings

One of the first and maybe most essential things you can do to help your fireplace stay clean and in proper working order is to conduct an annual fireplace cleaning. Having your fireplace cleaned by a professional once a year can make a significant difference to the overall fireplace and how it works. The majority of fireplace disasters typically occur as a result of homeowners not having them cleaned as frequently as they should. An annual fireplace and chimney inspection is a part of what the National Fire Protection Agency recommends and has included in their guidelines. These inspections will allow homeowners to understand if their fireplaces and chimneys require any additional cleanings besides one every year. 

Keeping A Clean Chimney

It’s doable to maintain a clean chimney. One way to keep your chimney cleaned is only to burn seasoned (dry) wood. What this means is that you should avoid green wood, which tends to produce more smoke than seasoned wood does. If you end up doing some chimney cleaning on your own, always be careful to only use products that are made for chimney purposes specifically. Otherwise, you could end up doing a lot more harm than good. 

Bottom Line

Proper care of your fireplace and chimney requires an annual cleaning and inspection. Having a professional inspect and clean your fireplace and chimney once a year is the best way to ensure a safe fireplace all year round. 

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