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Chimney Balloons: Do They Work?

A few weeks back, we talked about one common problem people have with their chimneys: cold air drafting into their home. The good news is that there are quite a few solutions to this, such as an updated damper or a better pair of fireplace doors. Another solution we mentioned is chimney balloons. These are balloons that you can blow up into your chimney. They’re supposed to keep cold air out of your home. But do they work?

Chimney Balloons: Do They Work?

Can chimney balloons keep cold air from coming out of your fireplace? Here are our thoughts on the matter.

They Deflate

If you’ve ever left some balloons out after a party, you probably noticed them deflate as time went on. If you used helium balloons, you watched them sadly slump to the ground. But even balloons filled with CO2 will end up deflated as the days go by.

The same thing happens with chimney balloons. They are designed to hold onto their air for quite a bit longer than party balloons, but over time they will certainly deflate and lose their effectiveness. Having to deal with filling them back up every now and again can be quite a headache.

A Round Peg in a Square Hole

Chimneys are square. But all too often, chimney balloons are round. This means it’s difficult for them to get a perfectly snug fit, leading to a significant amount of cold air squeezing through into your living space. Of course, as you inflate the balloon will be able to fill up those corners quite a bit, but it’s still an imperfect solution.

We should mention, though, that there are square chimney balloons on the market. If you do decide to purchase one, make sure it’s round!


Chimney balloons aren’t typically advertised as disposable, but they don’t last forever. You may inadvertently pop it, or just find that it isn’t holding air as well as it used to. Eventually, you’ll want to replace it.

But balloons are made of plastic. If you’re an environmentalist, you probably work as hard as you can to reduce the plastic waste you create. After all, plastic never decomposes, and it can wreak havoc on ecosystems for centuries. Not to mention many plastics are difficult to recycle.

Thankfully, there are better options out there.

A Better Solution

Chimney balloons may not be a perfect solution to cold air coming through your fireplace. Chimney plugs fair quite a bit better, but even they have some downsides. For instance, you will still have to remove it every time you want to light a fire.

Here at Champion Chimneys, we think that the best way to stop a draft from your fireplace is with a top-of-the-line damper. They are effective insulators, and still allow you to use your fireplace. They can be opened and closed quite easily.

Having a fireplace should keep you warm—not cold. Stay cozy all winter long by contacting us for chimney damper installation today!

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