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How to Keep Cold Air Out of Your Fireplace

Now is the time of year when you should be most glad you have a working fireplace. A roaring fire can keep you warm through the cold winter weather. But what if it’s doing the opposite? You may have noticed a significant draft of cold air coming through your fireplace. The good news is that this is completely avoidable. Here are some of the best ways to keep cold air out of your fireplace and your home.

How to Keep Cold Air Out of Your Fireplace

Have you felt cold air coming through your fireplace? Here’s how to fix it.


Simply put, you’re a proper damper is the best way to keep cold air from entering your home through the fireplace. Dampers stand in contrast to chimney caps in that they are placed within your flue. They can be opened or closed at your command to cut off airflow.

Your chimney most likely has a damper installed already. But if you can still feel significant cold air coming through even with it closed, it might have to be replaced. Over time, dampers can warp or develop other damage. In this case, replacement is typically the best option.

In instances of extreme cold (the kind we don’t get much in the mid-Atlantic), one damper might not do the trick. But two will. The second damper can go at the top of the flue for an extra layer of insulation. These are called ‘top-sealing dampers.’

How About Chimney Balloons?

If you’ve done some searching around the web about your chimney draft, you may have come across chimney balloons. These do what you might expect; you blow them up in your chimney, and they are supposed to block cold air. But the truth is that they are not especially effective—not to mention the fact that you won’t be able to use your fireplace when using one of these products.

But if you don’t intend to use your fireplace, investing in a heavier-duty chimney plug or stopper has the potential to work, and it might be more economical than a new damper.

A Nice Pair of Doors

If all else fails, you should keep in mind that another way to keep cold air from emanating from your chimney is installing doors. A good pair of fireplace doors won’t only look nice, but it will help somewhat to keep your home warm as well. If you find that your fireplace doors do little to keep cold air out, investing in a nicer pair could do the trick.

Armed with the information we’ve shared with you today, we hope that your fireplace will keep you warmer—not colder—this winter.

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