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How Snow and Ice Can Damage Chimneys

Snow and ice are lovely to look at, especially when you don’t have to commute. They create the perfect setting for you to enjoy a crackling fire. When the winter weather hits hard, you’re going to be glad you have a working fireplace and a chimney. But did you know snow and ice can damage your chimney? Today, we’ll explain why they pose such a threat, and what you can do about it.

How Snow and Ice Can Damage Chimneys

Can snow and ice damage your chimney? Not if you take some preventative measures!

How Snow and Ice Cause Damage

Your chimney is meant to be able to withstand freezing temperatures and snowfall. After all, that’s the kind of weather in which chimneys tend to get the most use. So it isn’t that snow and ice can damage your chimney per se. The real problem comes when they melt.

If you’ve been following our blog for any time, you know that moisture is the enemy of your chimney. This is why we recommend regular chimney inspections to see if there are any problems with your flashing or other waterproofing measures that can be taken.

Moisture on its own poses a threat to an improperly or insufficiently waterproofed chimney. But it’s even worse when freezing temperatures are involved. As snow and ice melt, they become water. But if the temperature dips back below freezing overnight, it will expand again in the form of ice. This can cause the brick and mortar on your chimney to crack and crumble, in addition to regular old water damage.

What Can I Do About It?

Snow and ice can cause your chimney structural and aesthetic harm. But that doesn’t mean you have to live at the mercy of the elements. There are steps you can take today to protect your chimney from the snowy winter weather.

One of the first steps you should take is to schedule a chimney inspection. We’re sure you already did that this year, but it might be helpful to schedule another one and specifically ask for them to inspect your chimney’s waterproofing. For this, they will have to get on your roof to examine the flashing and chimney cap.

Speaking of chimney caps, in most cases a good chimney cap will do the trick. Chimney caps do more than just keep out rain and ice. They can also keep out all but the smallest animals, and help to improve your chimney’s draft. But your cap must be of the right size and type to maximize its waterproofing potential.

In our area, a little bit of snow and ice are a given every year. But with a little bit of planning and careful attention, you can ensure that your chimney weathers the storm.

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