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When and Why You Should Repair Chimney Flashing

Now is the time of year when people are glad to own a fireplace. When the weather outdoors is unpleasant, there’s nothing like sitting around a crackling fire with a cup of tea or hot cocoa. But as every responsible fireplace owner should know, chimneys require annual maintenance in order to be safe for use. But there is one aspect of chimney maintenance that people too often overlook: when they should repair chimney flashing.

When and Why You Should Repair Chimney Flashing

What is chimney flashing, and when should you repair it?

The Purpose of Chimney Flashing

Before we discuss when and why you should repair chimney flashing, let’s define what it is and what it does. Depending on the structure of your home, you might not get the chance to inspect where your chimney emerges from your roof. But if you do, you should notice a sheet of material—typically metal, but vinyl chimney flashing does exist in warmer climates—covering the area where your chimney enters the roof.

What is this for? When your flashing is in good condition, it creates a water-tight seal. This prevents water from entering your chimney and causing damage. If your chimney does have a leak, this is nothing to take lightly. It can lead to the buildup of mold that can hurt your health and rot that can damage your home.

But if you catch the signs of faulty flashing early, you won’t have to cover the cost of water damage to your chimney.

When Should You Repair It?

Generally speaking, it’s not the easiest to inspect the condition of your chimney flashing without the assistance of a professional. But in severe instances of faulty flashing, you will probably be able to detect a problem.

During periods of heavy rain, you might be able to hear an audible dripping emanating from your chimney. While not necessarily a result of an incomplete seal on your flashing (an ill-fitting or broken chimney cap could also be to blame), this a sure-fire indication that your chimney leaks.

When determining if your chimney has a leak, don’t just use your ears—use your nose, too. If you notice a musty or mildewy smell from your fireplace, do not ignore it. Get the attention of a professional immediately.

If you’re concerned about having to repair chimney flashing, ask a professional to give you an update on its condition during your annual chimney inspection. If you need chimney flashing repair or replacement, you can count on the professionals at Champion Chimneys.

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