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How Heavy Rain Damages Chimneys

Lately, there has been a lot of rain in our area. With all this rain, you may have noticed some water leaking into your fireplace through the chimney. But the signs of a leaky chimney are not always so obvious, and they can have serious consequences. With this in mind, we are going to identify how heavy rain can damage your chimney, and solutions such as chimney caps.

chimney caps

There’s been some significant rain in our area lately. You might be wondering: can all this rain damage my chimney?

Signs My Chimney Has a Leak

You might not know your chimney has a leak until heavy rains come through. The more severe leaks tend to manifest most obviously. For instance, you may see or hear dripping water in your fireplace. Even if you can’t see outright water, be on the lookout for other signs of water damage such as stains or moisture around your chimney. This could even surface on nearby drywall.

Use your other senses, too. If you notice a musty or mildewy smell around your fireplace, that can indicate a severe leak caused by rain. If it gets to this point, take action as soon as possible. A leaky chimney can pose a serious threat both to the structural integrity of your chimney and to your health.

Now, we’ll dive into some possible solutions.

Repairing Masonry

Often, rainwater finds its way into your chimney because of faulty masonry. This is especially likely to occur if a portion of your chimney endures heavy and sustained contact with the elements. As water freezes and thaws, it can cause cracks to form, allowing it to enter and wreak havoc on your chimney. The solution here is to repair the masonry.

Fixing Flashing

Another option is to repair your chimney’s flashing. Essentially, flashing is a sheet of metal that covers the area where your roof meets the chimney. Exposure to the elements can interfere with the integrity of this seal over time. There is also the chance that someone improperly installed it. If you suspect that faulty flashing is at fault for your leaky chimney, we’re here to help.

Chimney Caps

If you don’t have a chimney cap, the solution is easy: get one. Chimney caps are exceptionally effective at keeping unwanted things out of your chimney, from critters to rainwater. Even if you do have a chimney cap, there is the chance that it is poorly fitting or in need of repair. You can count on us to set you up with a chimney cap that will keep your chimney rainwater and critter-free for years to come.

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