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What to Do with You Fireplace During Summertime

There are many ways to use and care for your fireplace in the summer.

Summertime in Maryland often comes with high temperatures and sticky humidity, which sounds like hardly the weather for lighting your fireplace. Although you may not have a need for your fireplace during this season, there are still ways to use and care for your fireplace in the summer.

Have it Cleaned

The first thing you should do when giving your fireplace a break for the summer is to look into having it cleaned. Usually, homeowners should have a professional cleaning done at least once a year to keep the fireplace in good condition. If you have never had a fireplace cleaning, then summertime could be the perfect opportunity. And you should include a chimney cleaning as well. A clean fireplace and chimney will be safer for your home by reducing pollutants and fire hazards.

Have it Inspected

Another good reason to call a professional is for a fireplace and chimney inspection. Why not have a check-up on your fireplace while you aren’t using it? An inspection is a great way to ensure that your fireplace is operating safely and that the overall structure of it and the chimney is sound. And if the inspection brings up a couple of issues, then it’s easier in the summertime to take care of fireplace repairs.

Have Fun!

It’s great to take care of your fireplace during a time when it’s not in use. But, there’s nothing wrong with lighting your fireplace every once in a while during the summertime, if it’s not too hot in the house. Depending on the type of fireplace you have, you can even treat it like a summer campfire. For example, wood-burning fireplaces are great for making s’ mores with the kids. Or, if you can’t use your fireplace for cooking, then you can put it on at night and gather around to tell stories. Especially at a time when you are trying to think of creative ways to pass the summertime at home, don’t forget how much your very own fireplace has to offer.

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