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Beware of These Fireplace and Chimney Hazards

Here is a quick overview of fireplace and chimney safety to get you started.

Having a working fireplace in your home is great for any time of year. But, as you can imagine, there is a certain level of danger when it comes to bringing any type of fire into your home. That is why it is up to you to make sure that you are aware of the potential hazards and know how to keep your house safe. Here is a quick overview of fireplace and chimney safety to get you started.

Fire Hazards

Let’s start with the most obvious hazard, which is fire. Although a large majority of house fires caused by fireplaces are due to user error, there are also some other factors that you should be aware of. First, a dirty chimney can create more opportunities for fire to spread. For example, a substance called creosote comes from smoke condensing into a chimney’s flue over time. Regular cleanings mean that the creosote doesn’t have a chance to build up to the point of catching on fire. Have your chimney and fireplace inspected to spot and prevent any potential fire hazards.

Carbon Monoxide

Another reason why chimney and fireplace inspections are vital is because of the threat of carbon monoxide. As you may know, carbon monoxide is a common by-product of fuel combustion. It is considered a very dangerous gas not only because it naturally converts oxygen in the air into carbon dioxide, which leads to suffocation, but because it is completely undetectable until it’s too late. Generally, carbon monoxide doesn’t form in large amounts when the fuel burns completely. But if something isn’t working right in your fireplace, then it could cause the carbon monoxide to fill your home. Please exercise caution when using your fireplace and have it checked to make sure that all fumes are venting out of your house properly.

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