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Chimney Dampers and Their Significance

chimney damper

Chimney dampers serve many purposes, and without them, a chimney system cannot function properly.

Whether you own a traditional masonry chimney or a professionally installed chimney, dampers hold significance. Metal or cast-iron dampers usually go in the throat of the chimney or at the chimney opening, in which you can call these “top-sealing dampers.” Chimney dampers serve many purposes, and without them, a chimney system cannot function properly. Today, we’re going to discuss in detail why chimney dampers are so significant. 

How Does a Chimney Work?

When you’ve got a good fire going, that means that your chimney is functioning correctly. Chimneys use a system of drafts and air pressures inside and outside of your house to vent the fire. Without a chimney in place, especially a properly functioning chimney, it can cause a lot of issues for you, your home, and your family. 

What Are The Function of Chimney Dampers? 

Chimney dampers have many functions that all affect your health, safety, and comfort. If they are nonexistent or working incorrectly, it’s a disadvantage to your chimney system. Here are a few functions:

  1. Dampers control flames. During the winter, when your fireplace is most active, a damper helps you to start, control, and suppress a fire. 
  2.  Chimney dampers ensure your family’s safety. When your chimney works as it should, it keeps your family safer. Fireplaces and chimney systems have many parts and factors that work together to prevent harmful gases and particulate matter from entering the home. If a damper rusts or corrodes and becomes stuck in place, then your chimney may not vent properly. So why does this matter? It puts your family at risk for breathing problems, carbon monoxide poisoning, or even worse, a chimney fire!
  3. They help you become summer-ready. Unless you live in a region that’s cold all-year-round, you’re most likely not going to use a fireplace during the summer, especially not in Maryland. When it’s time to close off your chimney, a chimney damper keeps nasty, stale odors from entering your home, especially when the air is humid.

Are you unsure of the status of your chimney damper? Then, give us a call. Our certified technicians can undeniably take care of all of your chimney inspection needs. 

Don’t Be in Despair If Your Chimney Needs Repair

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