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Why Chimney Caps are Crucial to Have

Two Chimney Caps with blue sky as background

Chimney caps are crucial to have

Chimney caps are crucial to have because since chimneys are open to the elements, animals may try to come into your home. Closing off a chimney with a chimney cap is cost-effective. It helps you prevent problems that arise from unwanted animal visitors trying to gain access to your home. Here is a further look at why chimney caps are crucial to have.

Chimney Caps Block Odor 

When a mammal enters and exits a chimney, they, unfortunately, leave droppings. Not only is this a reason to pay for chimney cleanings, but it’s also a reason to make sure that you have a chimney chap. On a humid day, high moisture levels and heat intensify these smells, creating a foul odor. Then, imagine during the wintertime that you light your fireplace. The fire will only worsen the smell of the foul odor. You don’t have to subject yourself to such an unpleasantry with a chimney cap.

Chimney Caps Keep Out the Rain

Mostly all of North America’s rain is acidic due to the human population and other causes. The acidity helps to degrade cement in the mortar joints in between the flue tiles. Once cement degrades, it turns to sand. Then, once a rainstorm comes, the rain washes away the sand. If this happened, not only would you have a code violation on your hands, but your masonry chimney would be extremely unsafe at this point. 

Chimney Caps Keep Out Unwanted Animals in the Home

Sometimes animals that find themselves in a chimney take things a step further and come into a house. While some homeowners may find dogs and cats welcoming or cute, most (if not all), homeowners would agree that they don’t want to see a squirrel in their kitchen. Mammals in the home could lead to carpet damage and hardwood flooring damage.

A Note on Chimney Maintenance

If your home has a cap, then you still need to check its condition. Sometimes, rust naturally occurs over time, and you may find tiny holes that animals can make their hideout. If you need your chimney cap replaced, then give us a call. You can count on us for your chimney maintenance needs

Don’t Be in Despair If Your Chimney Needs Repair

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