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Chimney Flashing 101: What to Know

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Let’s go over what you need to know about chimney flashing.

You may have heard that flashing is an important part of a chimney, but you might not know what it actually does. It’s an essential piece that helps protect your chimney from moisture or leaks that could otherwise cause damage or mold. Preventing long-term water damage is a crucial aspect of chimney maintenance, so it follows that chimney flashing is equally as important. Let’s go over what you need to know about chimney flashing.

Why is Chimney Flashing Important?

Your chimney flashing helps protect your chimney and your entire roof. It prevents moisture from entering the joints between the roof and chimney and from getting directly into your brick and mortar. It may seem like a small problem, but if left unresolved, it may eventually cause serious and costly structural issues for your home.

But why is water so dangerous? In addition to mold growth, water can also get trapped inside your chimney or roof. Once winter comes, it can expand and contract over and over, which may cause structural problems. The solution is to use chimney flashing paired with a chimney cap to prevent moisture from getting inside your chimney.

The Different Kinds of Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing usually comes in one of four different materials. Aluminum has become the most common in recent years since it is inexpensive and highly resistant to rust. Plus, it’s easy to install on many different kinds of roofs. Vinyl is also affordable but prone to cracking in cold temperatures, making it only suitable in warm environments. Copper is more expensive, will not rust, and is durable, so it is a good choice if you live somewhere with a lot of rain and snow. Lastly, steel is common in older chimney flashing and can rust over a long enough time. 

How to Maintain Your Chimney Flashing

You should work with a professional to maintain or repair your chimney flashing. It’s dangerous to try to climb on your roof and do it yourself. However, depending on the material you choose, it should be as simple as having your chimney sweep check your flashing once a year when they do your chimney maintenance. If they find an issue, they can tell you what to do from there and figure out a way to resolve it.

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