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Chimney Inspections: What to Expect

Chimney Inspections: What to Expect champion chimneys

No matter how you use your fireplace, annual chimney inspections are an absolute must.

Whether you rely on your fireplace as a primary home heating source or mostly for the cozy atmosphere and ambiance, annual chimney inspections are an absolute must. First and foremost, this is a safety issue as accrued ash and soot can eventually become a fire hazard. Your professional inspector will also be able to spot any potential problems in the making; after all, preventative measures are always simpler (and not to mention cheaper!) than emergency repairs. 

Follow along to learn exactly what to anticipate for your upcoming chimney inspection. There are three “tiers” available to choose from; find details about each of these itemized below.

Inspection Tier 1:

  • This most basic inspection type should be part of your chimney cleaning regimen yearly. In addition to assessing your fireplace’s general condition and measuring soot buildup, your technician will spot-check its various components (flue, damper, smoke chamber, etc.) to ensure they’re structurally and functionally sound. Any problems noticed might warrant a chimney sweep, but, alternately, perhaps a more thorough inspection first.

Inspection Tier 2:

  • During this “more thorough inspection,” a technician will use advanced equipment to pinpoint and analyze any faults or cracks in your fireplace and chimney. As they’ll need to access your roof (and possibly crawlspaces) to properly conduct the assessment, this one is much more labor-intensive. Generally, a second-tier checkup is warranted if there’s recently been a natural disaster, a particularly extensive bout of severe weather, or if you’re planning to put your house on the market and must ensure everything’s up to code. Naturally, a chimney professional’s duties here also include all steps outlined for Tier 1.

Inspection Tier 3:

  • This comprehensive, top-level inspection is usually conducted due to problems diagnosed in a Tier 2 checkup. Essentially, these types of urgent matters require immediate attention to ensure your family’s safety. The technician may have noticed a slant to your chimney, and ventilation hazards posed by damaged components—any number of conditions likely to become perilous if relegated to “out of sight/out of mind” status for the off-season. The off-season is a great time to schedule any of these inspections and your annual chimney cleaning/sweeping.


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