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Why You Should Use Seasoned Firewood

Why You Should Use Seasoned Firewood champion chimneys

You might think that wood is wood and it doesn’t matter, but the truth is that it does

It is finally fall! Sure, fire pits during the summer and roasted marshmallows are great, but nothing beats a crackling fire in those fireplaces keeping you warm on a cold fall night. In many ways, it is the best time of year to have a fireplace (though some might argue that snowy winter nights are the tops). One of the major differences between a fire pit and a fireplace is the wood you can burn. You might think that wood is wood and it doesn’t matter, but the truth is that it does. While you can burn almost anything in your open fire pit, your fireplace requires more specific fuel. Specifically, you need to use only seasoned firewood in your fireplace. Here’s why.

It Is Dryer

Seasoned firewood is wood that has been allowed to dry out. Ideally, the wood should have about 15-20% moisture content. Dry wood catches more easily and quickly. Dryer wood also releases less creosote as it burns (and is less smokey as it burns). This is incredibly important because creosote is the stuff that builds up in chimneys (they remove it when they do a chimney cleaning) and causes chimney fires. Seasoned wood produces safer fires and helps maintain your chimneys.

It Is Cleaner

Seasoning wood also allows it to have plenty of time for bugs and mildew and rot to no longer be a problem. While the bugs (and the thought of accidentally burning them) are pretty much just gross, the mildew and mold present actual health issues. By burning them, you could potentially release those spores into the air. Well-seasoned wood removes that risk. 

It Is A Better Environmental Choice

Burning seasoned wood is a better environmental choice. The resulting fire will produce less smoke, preserving the area’s air quality. Seasoned wood also has less insect activity and can help reduce the spread of harmful insects into new areas. 

It Is More Efficient

Finally, seasoned wood is more efficient fuel. It ignites more easily and burns more efficiently. When wood is wet, the energy of the fire is dissipated by drying out the wood before it can ignite. Already dry wood doesn’t have that issue, so you get more burn time for your buck. 

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