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Tips for Improving Your Fireplace’s Efficiency

Tips for Improving Your Fireplace’s Efficiency champion chimneys

Whether you’ve got a traditional wood-burner or a gas fireplace, there are many simple but impactful ways to get the most out of it.

A fireplace is undoubtedly an attractive home feature that adds character and atmosphere to any room. If yours is also counted on to be a steady and dependable heat source, you’ll want to take all possible steps to ensure its optimal efficiency. Whether you’ve got a traditional wood-burner or a gas fireplace, there are many simple but impactful ways to get the most out of it.

  1. Use the Right Wood

Fresh wood burns poorly and tends to produce excessive smoke. It takes a surprisingly long time for moisture to evaporate from logs; those that burn most efficiently have been left to season—that is, dry out—for at least a year.

  1. Ventilate 

Though it might seem counterintuitive, there are some ways that extra ventilation can increase your wood-burner’s energy efficiency and heat distribution. If yours has a bottom damper, open this—or alternately just a crack a nearby window—to keep the hot air flowing through your home rather than escaping out the chimney too quickly.

  1. Insulate Gas Fireplaces

Gas-burners tend to operate more efficiently than their wood-hungry counterparts, but there are still measures you can take to safely maximize their heat output. The most critical is ensuring the fireplace is sufficiently insulated so that heat isn’t constantly escaping through any minute cracks or flaws. 

  1. Consider an Insert

A fireplace insert can make all the difference in keeping your home at the ideal cozy temperature. These work by using a heat exchanger to redistribute extra heat from your fire back out into the room, and are easily installed by chimney care professionals at affordable prices.

  1. Schedule a Chimney Inspection

If your fires just don’t seem to be putting out the level of heat they used to, it may well be time for a chimney cleaning. A professional inspection will diagnose whether this is the case, or can otherwise identify a wide range of problems that could potentially be going unnoticed.

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