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5 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair

5 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair champion chimneys

If you notice anything amiss with your chimney, be sure to schedule a chimney inspection as soon as possible.

Many homeowners take their chimney for granted and assume that the structure is a worry-free part of the house. However, problems do occur, and a chimney in disrepair should be taken care of as soon as possible. In fact, a damaged chimney is a serious fire hazard. If you notice anything amiss with your chimney, be sure to schedule a chimney inspection as soon as possible. Here are some signs that your chimney requires repair.

Chimney Leaks

A leaky chimney is a significant detriment to home safety for many reasons. First, rain leaking through the chimney introduces unwanted moisture into your home. Water can cause mold, and mold damages your property if left untreated. Also, a leaking chimney means there is a crack or breach somewhere in the structure. If you have noticed dripping water or excessive moisture around your chimney, your chimney is likely damaged or the cap needs replacement.

Deteriorating Mortar Joints

Damaged mortar joints in the chimney masonry must be repaired quickly. When the mortar is damaged, the masonry is exposed to more water, which accelerates the deterioration of the entire structure. When the weather freezes, the excess moisture solidifies inside cracks in the masonry. After repeated freeze-thaw cycles, larger cracks can develop. In fact, the entire chimney could collapse if the damaged mortar is not repaired.

White Staining or Efflorescence

The white discoloration or staining you find on a chimney is called efflorescence. While it’s easy to remove the staining, cleaning it does not solve the moisture problem, which causes the white residue. Efflorescence is a sign of excess water in the bricks. If you don’t deal with the issue quickly, premature deterioration of the chimney is very likely.

Spalling Bricks

Spalling happens when water seeps into brick, natural stone, or concrete and forces the surface of the masonry to peel or flake off. Salt can also push outward from the inside and causes spalling. Luckily, it is relatively easy to identify spalling since pieces of masonry often fall from the chimney. Eventually, the spalling masonry will continue to crumble, and ultimately, the structure will be destroyed.


Rusting on your firebox or damper is a clear sign that there is excess moisture in your chimney. You may not notice rust on the damper initially, but if it appears to be malfunctioning, it could be due to the rusting.

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