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What are the Protective Components of a Chimney?

What are the Protective Components of a Chimney? champion chimneys

You can prolong your chimney’s lifespan by regularly maintaining its protective components.

Your chimney is a cozy and stylish feature of your house that keeps your family warm and makes you feel comfortable and secure. However, your chimney can become a weak point for your home since it is vulnerable to wear and tear from the elements. Fortunately, you can prolong your chimney’s lifespan by regularly maintaining its protective components. These components keep you safe from common fireplace hazards. Let’s go over some of the essential protective components of a chimney.

Chimney Flue

The chimney flue is a vertical tunnel extending from your fireplace to the outside. The flue allows smoke to escape as wood burns in the firebox. The flue includes the brick and mortar we call the chimney for most homes. It should also have a flue liner, usually made up of a thin sheet of metal that acts as a protective barrier for the inside of the flue. A flue liner helps protect against chimney cracks that could leak harmful carbon monoxide fumes into your home.

Chimney Damper

Another protective component of a chimney is the damper. A chimney damper controls the airflow in and out of the flue. When the fireplace is lit, your damper should be left open. If there isn’t an active fire burning, then you should close the damper so that cold air doesn’t flow back into your home. Never operate your chimney while the damper is closed. Otherwise, carbon monoxide can’t escape and will reenter your home.

Chimney Cap

A chimney cap protects the chimney from debris, water, and animals. Birds and other small animals tend to build nests inside of your chimney during the colder months. Your chimney cap is a necessary part of keeping pests and debris out of your chimney. Also, chimney caps act like spark guards, protecting your home against fires.

Chimney Crown

The chimney crown rests on top of your chimney, protecting the top layers of bricks from premature wear and tear caused by harsh weather conditions. Chimney crowns are likely made of mortar or concrete applied on the uppermost layers of bricks on your chimney. Since the top of the chimney is exposed to the brunt of the damage caused by rain, hail, snow, and wind, the crown helps protect the structure so the chimney top can last as long as the rest of the bricks that support it.

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