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Dealing With Birds in Your Chimney

Dealing With Birds in Your Chimney champion chimneys

During the spring, many chimneys aren’t being used, and Chimney Swifts build nests in them to lay their eggs.

Your chimney is an important part of the heating system for your home, channeling dangerous fumes up and out of your house. Unfortunately, it can also be a really enticing place for animals – when your chimney is in good shape, it is a warm and dry location ideal for a bird. This is especially true of the Chimney Swift, a migratory bird that flies north from South America during the spring. During this time, many chimneys aren’t being used, and Chimney Swifts build nests in them to lay their eggs. Often these birds aren’t even found until the eggs hatch unless you have a chimney inspection or chimney repair done in the meantime. Read on to learn more about dealing with birds in your chimney.

The Issues With Chimney Swifts

Chimney swifts are amazing birds that prefer to nest on vertical surfaces – often the inner walls of a hollow tree or inside a chimney. They are roughly the size of bats, fly like them, and are often mistaken for them. They are birds, however, and they build nests to lay eggs and raise their young in. Clearly simply having them nest in your chimney could be a problem, since you likely don’t want to hurt them by accidentally using your chimney when they’re in there. You also can’t move them. Not just because it is hard to get to them safely and your rough is very high off the ground, but also because they are protected by the migratory bird treaty act. And, like many types of birds, chimney swifts will naturally come back to the location where they hatched when it is time to lay their own eggs. 

How To Remove Them

In short, you can’t. It is actually illegal to move, harm, or displace any migratory birds without a permit, and for the most part, permits are hard to get. Thankfully, chimney swifts won’t cause any lasting harm to your chimney or home, and once their babies have learned to fly and left the nest, the adults will move on as well. Once they do leave, you need to have a professional come out to assess your chimney ad discover how they got in in the first place. Since they will likely try to return each year, your chimney sweep can help you figure out how to discourage them.

How To Prevent Them From Nesting

A chimney cap is the best way to discourage birds from nesting in your chimney since it blocks their access. It will also block them from leaving if they are already in there, so you need to have a chimney inspection done before the cap is installed.

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