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Where Should You Store Firewood?

Where Should You Store Firewood? champion chimneys

Whether you’re using firewood inside or outside, where you store it is crucial for beautiful fires!

There’s nothing quite like burning firewood on a chilly evening to stay warm inside or outside your home. Finding the perfect spot to store it may be challenging if you have extra lying around. So, where exactly should you keep your wood? We think it depends on where you’re going to use it. 

Outdoor Spaces

Do you have a chiminea or a fire pit outside? It’s great to store your spare wood in a convenient space for your outdoor get-togethers. Here are a few things to consider when keeping firewood outside. 

Elevate Your Firewood

Keeping your firewood on the ground can cause problems for your yard and the wood. Since it’s porous, it can absorb water from the ground, resulting in damp, hard-to-use firewood. A damp woodpile can also be a breeding ground for mold and other pests that can destroy your wood. We recommend keeping your firewood elevated using some railroad ties or investing in a rack that can keep your wood safely off the ground. 

Invest in a Protective Covering 

Moisture doesn’t just come from the ground, but it can come from the weather too! Conditions like sleet, snow, and rain can all seep into your firewood outside, making it unusable until it dries out. We recommend using a plastic tarp for a quick, easy protective covering to protect your firewood from the elements. You can also keep your wood in a shed which will offer the best protection from moisture and pests. 

Indoor Spaces

Wood-burning stoves or fireplaces inside your home are amazing features to keep your home warm in the winter. There are also many options for storing your firewood inside, and here are a couple of tips we have. 

Consider Fire Safety Guidelines

Great firewood should catch on fire easily to burn beautifully in your fireplace. If you decide to keep your wood inside, you should opt for a location that’s far enough away from your fireplace so a stray ember won’t catch the wood by accident. This should keep you and your family warm and safe all winter long! 

Keep It With Your Other Fireplace and  Chimney Cleaning Supplies

If you have a fire-starting kit with kindling, pokers, fire gloves, or bellows, you should consider keeping your firewood with them! It will keep everything together so things don’t get lost, and you can get a little creative with custom stands or built-in shelves. You can recycle and use unique items that match your home’s décor to hold your firewood, like washtubs or storage chests. 

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