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How to Make Your Fireplace Energy Efficient

How to Make Your Fireplace Energy Efficient champion chimneys

There are some simple tips for improving the energy efficiency of your fireplace

Ever experience a chill in the air despite having a fire lit? Then, you might need a more energy efficient fireplace to help ensure that your home stays efficient overall. In fact, a wood-burning fireplace is highly desirable among homeowners everywhere. The reality is, with the weather being so unpredictable, there are so many reasons why having a fireplace can really make a home feel so settled and cozy. Ultimately, there are some simple and easy tips and tricks you can take to make sure that you improve the energy efficiency of your fireplace — so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Burning Dry Firewood

Initially, it is incredibly important that you burn dry firewood in a wood-burning fireplace. In fact, using high-quality dry wood becomes increasingly important if you are looking to keep your fireplace energy efficient overall. The reality is, dry firewood tends to be seasoned for at least six months — which thereby leads to a burn with less smoke while simultaneously lasting a significantly longer amount of time than it would otherwise. Ultimately, when you feed your fire seasoned wood, you can easily infuse a room with excellent smells and a wonderful aroma.

Adjusting The Damper

Whenever you start your fire, it is imperative to make sure that you start the actual fire with the damper always open. In fact, usually an open damper will provide the proper amount of oxygen that your fire typically needs to keep it safe. The reality is, as soon as you establish a solid fire that is burning safely, simply closing the damper halfway is a great method of conserving the energy of your fireplace overall. Ultimately, this step tends to help protect any heated air from fully escaping through the chimney itself without starving the fire. 

Sweeping The Chimney

There is no denying that a chimney won’t operate properly when your chimney isn’t effectively and efficiently swept. In fact, a dirty chimney isn’t going to be safe either. The reality is, that having your chimney professionally cleaned approximately twice a year is a great way to make sure you keep your chimney and home in a safe condition. Ultimately, clearing any and all blockages from your chimney is a wonderful way to also improve the energy efficiency of your fireplace as well. 

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