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Why You Should Hire a Chimney Sweep this Spring

Why You Should Hire a Chimney Sweep this Spring champion chimneys

You might be surprised at the disadvantages of waiting until the temperature drops to hire a chimney sweep.

Today’s topic of discussion is why you should hire a chimney sweep this spring. People typically associate chimneys with colder seasons. When frigid weather comes, people fire up the fireplace to keep themselves warm. However, you might be surprised at the disadvantages of waiting until the temperature drops to hire a chimney sweep. Here is some food for thought and why you should hire a chimney sweep during the spring. 

Hire a Chimney Sweep Now to Avoid Acidic Creosote 

Thousands of chimney fires happen each year because of unclean chimneys. Creosote deposits are highly acidic and toxic. Creosote accumulation in your chimney flue can lead to premature corrosion. Regular cleaning ensures that this toxic substance doesn’t build up in layers, obstructing the flue. In addition, the spring or summer heat, coupled with creosote, causes a foul smell that you can avoid by hiring a chimney sweep. 

Prevent Excessive Moisture 

Chimneys appear sturdy and can be with proper installation. However, masonry can be susceptible to degradation because of excessive moisture. It’s hard to tell when water infiltrates the masonry system. 

Therefore, it’s always best practice to schedule an annual inspection. Our certified chimney sweeps can spot the different indicators that water is in the masonry. You can minimize damage caused by the moisture by catching the problem sooner than later. Here are some common ways water gets inside the masonry:

  • Chimney Cracks
  • Degraded Mortar 
  • The Top of the Chimney’s Crown is Deteriorating
  • Inadequate Chimney Flashing Installation 

The most significant problem associated with moisture intrusion is winter’s freezing and thawing cycles. Water expands and contracts, causing movement inside the masonry. As a result, bricks deteriorate irreversibly, and the chimney leans. A leaning chimney is dangerous because it can collapse due to its weight. 

Indicators of Moisture Damage 

It can be hard to detect when water infiltrates masonry because it takes so long for a visible leak. However, some early indicators can help you prevent premature chimney damage. Look out for: 

  • White Chimney Stains
  • Broken Mortar
  • Large Chimney Cracks
  • A Missing Chimney Cap at the Top of the Flue
  • Rusty Hearth Components
  • Dripping Water Sounds 

It’s Been a While Since the Last Chimney Inspection 

Has it been over a year since the last inspection? If so, now is an ideal time to hire a chimney sweep. The point is that once fall rolls around, you want to be able to enjoy your fireplace right without delay. Call Champion Chimneys if you’re unsure if your heating mechanism is in the best shape

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