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What to Know About Chimney Sealant

What to Know About Chimney Sealant champion chimneys

A waterproof chimney sealant is the best way to protect this structure

A chimney sealant is worth considering because homes experience much moisture. Some parts of your home are very highly vulnerable, particularly regarding masonry chimneys. Masonry chimneys consist of porous and absorbent materials such as brick and stone. Therefore, a waterproof chimney sealant is the best way to protect this structure. Here is what you should know about chimney sealant. 

Why is Moisture an Issue for Masonry Chimneys? 

Maintenace is how you keep your chimney in the best shape. The proper maintenance means that there is minimal moisture. If rain, humidity, and condensation infiltrate your masonry chimney, the bricks will degrade quicker. The same freeze/thaw cycle that causes asphalt roads to crack and develop potholes can affect chimneys. 

Water that freezes inside a brick causes its pores to expand. Next, the water thaws and evaporates and leaves a larger space for the water to accumulate. This process repeatedly happens throughout the winter months, causing bricks to weaken until there are cracks and the bricks loosen and fall out altogether. 

Choosing to Use a Chimney Sealant Reactively

If water damage has occurred in the past, you might think it’s best to use a chimney sealant now. However, the goal is to address moisture issues before applying a sealant. Otherwise, further damage could occur. Here are clear indications of water-damaged brick: 

  • Efflorescence: A white powdery deposit appears when water saturates and evaporates from unsealed masonry surfaces. 
  • Cracks: Cracked chimney bricks should always be concerning. Water intrusion could be the cause of this. 
  • Spalling: Spalling is when bricks peel or flake because of water damage. 
  • Damaged Mortar Joints: Water can also damage the joints between bricks. Flaky mortar leads to further deterioration. 
  • Missing or Loose Bricks: Have you noticed broken bricks in your yard? If so, chimney repair is necessary to prevent the entire structure from collapsing. 

How Sealant Aids in Protection

Sealant application is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your chimney. This maintenance is worthwhile because: 

  • It Prevents Cracked Bricks
  • It Reduces the Risk of Leaks
  • It Maintains the Structure of Masonry Materials
  • It Extends Your Chimney’s Longevity 

The Application Process

The suitable chimney sealant fights against water damage for 15 to 20 years. The best type is vapor-permeable, protecting the brick’s exterior from moisture while allowing for a porous structure. In addition, the proper application matters, so you achieve the best results. Therefore, hiring Champion Chimneys ensures you have a professional inspection and application process. 

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