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The Dangers of Not Maintaining Your Chimney

The Dangers of Not Maintaining Your Chimney champion chimneys

Poorly maintained chimney systems can lead to costly repairs and even house fires.

Having a fireplace and chimney can improve the value and comfort of your home. But, it is essential to regularly maintain your chimney to keep it in working condition. Your home and family can be at risk if chimney cleaning and other types of chimney maintenance are neglected. Poorly maintained chimney systems can lead to costly repairs and even house fires. If you use your chimney for your fireplace and heating system, having a clean chimney is critical to your home’s safety and the proper functioning of your fireplace. Let’s go over the dangers of neglecting chimney maintenance.

Creosote Buildup

Wood fires create combustion gases that leave deposits of highly flammable and toxic materials, known as creosote, in the chimney flue. Until experts professionally clean the chimney, the layers of creosote can cause potential dangers and damages. If the creosote is left in the chimney, it could lead to health issues, such as respiratory problems, for you and your family.

Chimney Blockages

Chimney blocks often occur from layers of creosote accumulated in neglected chimneys. Without a good draft, the toxic gases leak into the home instead of outside through the chimney. It’s essential to have a carbon monoxide detector in the house when using your fireplace because carbon monoxide fumes are fatal. Carbon monoxide fumes are invisible, odorless, tasteless, and symptomless. Not only can creosote cause obstructions in your chimney, but it also makes a nice nest for birds and other small animals. It is critical that you have your chimney regularly inspected to ensure no critters are living up there.


The combustion byproducts hidden in your chimney and flue system are highly acidic, and they can eat away at the metal and masonry, causing corrosion to occur. Extensive corrosion can produce holes and cracks, as well as problems between the mortar joints. Too much corrosion can be a potentially dangerous situation, as the toxic materials can blow back into your home.

Chimney Fires

The most dangerous risk of neglecting chimney maintenance is that it can lead to a fire. Since creosote is highly flammable, it can easily catch a spark from floating embers from the fireplace. If there are layers upon layers of built-up creosote, the resulting blaze can destroy the chimney liner and even burn down the house. 

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