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Why is My Chimney Tilting?

Why is My Chimney Tilting? champion chimneys

Many things can cause a chimney to lean to one side, but it is crucial to have it inspected immediately

Chimneys are a classic and timeless addition to any home. If you have a chimney you know how important it is to maintain it regularly. A tilted or leaning chimney is a sign that there is a serious issue with the chimney structure. There may also be cracks, falling or missing bricks, and crumbling at the base. Many things can cause a chimney to lean to one side, but it is crucial to have it inspected immediately. Here are some reasons why your chimney is tilting.

Poor Construction

It is essential that you hire only qualified masons to construct your chimney, and they should be using the proper materials. If a chimney was not built by competent professional contractors or substandard brick and mortar was utilized during installation it can lead to foundation problems. It’s important to keep an eye out for damage during the winter, as the freeze-thaw cycles can cause significant foundation damage. Be sure to have your chimney and foundation inspected during the winter months.

Improper Drainage

Even if your foundation was appropriately built, poor water drainage around the home could cause moisture damage. When water settles and builds pressure around the foundation, it can cause the structure to crack. These minor cracks leak moisture into your home, and they can continue to expand until the foundation is severely weakened. As the foundation deteriorates, the weight of the chimney will become more difficult to hold in place. This can cause your chimney to begin to tilt. In fact, once this occurs, it will only get worse until you have a professional come to repair it.

Weak Footing

As your home ages, the footing that holds the chimney in place may naturally start to deteriorate. If the chimney footing is not wide enough or buried deep enough, it may crack or crumble underneath the significant weight of the brick and mortar stacked on top of it. At a minimum, the footing should be one-foot-thick and extend at least six inches from the chimney on all sides. Additionally, footings should be well below the frost line.    

Weather Damage

Masonry is extremely long-lasting, but it does not last forever. Several decades-old chimneys have decayed mortar and missing bricks, which can unbalance the chimney and cause leaning. The heat, rain, snow, and cold will also take their toll on your chimney. If your chimney has been around for a while, it may need to be repaired or replaced.

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