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What to Know About Chimney Cracks

What to Know About Chimney Cracks champion chimneys

Cracks in your chimney’s masonry are early signs your chimney needs to be inspected and repaired.

A chimney is an excellent addition to any home. A fireplace and chimney are perfect for heating your home while saving on energy costs. If you have a chimney, it is crucial to maintain it to keep the chimney in working condition properly. Cracks in your chimney’s masonry are early indications that it is time to have your chimney inspected and repaired. Not addressing these issues can lead to more severe cracking, water damage, and an all-around unsafe chimney. Here are some important things to know about chimney cracks.

How Do Chimney Cracks Happen?

Once a chimney starts to age, cracking of the brick and mortar is bound to happen. Even newer chimneys can crack due to damage from weather, poor construction, or fire damage. Not much can be done to prevent this type of damage, but you can do things to repair a cracked chimney. It is essential that you contact a chimney repair professional to conduct an inspection to check the cracks on your chimney.

Signs of Chimney Damage

Identifying problems with your chimney early will allow you to have it inspected before any severe damage happens. Signs of chimney damage can include:

  • Water in the firebox
  • Damp areas on the ceiling and walls around the chimney
  • Efflorescence on the exterior masonry
  • Crumbling mortar around the chimney on the roof or in the fireplace
  • A rusty/squeaky fireplace damper
  • Strange chimney smells

What to Do if You Find a Chimney Crack

The first thing you need to know is not to use your fireplace if your chimney is cracked. You can cause significant damage to your house if you light the fireplace. Cracks in the chimney liner can let the heat from the fire escape and turn into combustible material outside, possibly starting a fire. Also, you should call a professional immediately to assess the damage. Repairing cracks in a chimney is a complex process that involves a lot of skill and knowledge. The lining of the chimney is responsible for protecting the rest of the structure and the materials outside it. If the liner has been badly damaged, your chimney professional can repair it.

No matter the cause of your chimney problems, we here at Champion Chimneys are here to help! We have years of experience in providing quality masonry work on chimneys and fireplaces throughout Maryland. Reach out to us today to get started!

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