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What to Do With Your Fireplace in the Summer

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Get the most out of your fireplace all year round with these summer care tips

We are all looking forward to the upcoming warm weather and finally getting out of the house. The last thing you may be thinking about is maintaining your fireplace during the summer. But this the perfect time to give your fireplace some extra attention.

Get an Inspection

A fireplace should be inspected every year to ensure it is working properly, and summer is the best time to do so. You won’t be using your fireplace to heat your home, so this gives the technician plenty of time to inspect the fireplace before it needs to be used again. Regular inspections allow technicians to check for potential problems in the fireplace and chimney before turning into real dangers.

Another reason to get your chimney inspected in the summer is because of increased rain and animal activity. For example, your chimney cap can crack during the winter, leading to leaks when it rains. Moisture damage can be damaging to your fireplace and expensive to repair. 

Whether you have a gas or wood-burning fireplace, there is a risk of animals building nests in the chimneys and causing further damage to other areas of your roof. You don’t want a bird or squirrel making its way into your home via a damaged chimney cap!

If you have a gas fireplace, your technician can make sure the gas lines are secure and that the exhaust from the fire is still venting properly outside of the home. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real risk, and preventative maintenance is the first step in ensuring everyone in your family remains safe.

Deep Clean Your Fireplace

Summer is the perfect time to give your fireplace a thorough cleaning, so it’s ready for the winter months. First, lay down a plastic tarp or drop cloth to protect the flooring or carpet.  Use a chimney brush to scrape away the soot and creosote that you can reach.  For basic cleaning, use a good wire brush or heavy nylon brush with a solution of a strong cleaner, about a half cup, with a cup of bleach in a gallon of water. Baking soda and vinegar can be substituted instead of cleaning solution. 

Give Your Mantle a Makeover

When not using your fireplace, try to take advantage of the extra space on your mantle by adding some decorations. Place a decorative screen in front of the fireplace or place some faux flame candles in the firebox. A fireplace is a beautiful addition to your home and can be enjoyed in any season.

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