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Chimney Repair: Why Your Chimney Leans

Chimney Repair: Why Your Chimney Leans champion chimneys

A leaning chimney is a sign that chimney repair should take place immediately.

A leaning chimney is a sign that chimney repair should take place immediately. If this issue applies to your chimney, you can trust Champion Chimneys to handle any chimney-related problems. No problem is too minuscule or complicated for us, from annual inspections to chimney sweeps or a leaning chimney. Here are the leading causes why this problem occurs. 

Masonry Issues

Chimney repair should happen if you’re dealing with deteriorating masonry. The freeze and thaw cycle leads to cracks in the mortar and holes in the brick. In addition, sulfur damage can happen when appliance vents embed into the chimney system. Sulfur is a by-product of sour gas and crude oil processing. The oils and water that escape from this process don’t blend well with brick and mortar, deteriorating the system and causing a leaning chimney. A flue liner, which all chimneys should have, combats this issue. 

A Weak Foundation

Any structure of your home requires durability. A chimney has a solid foundation or footing when a supportive and robust layer of concrete at its base bears all the weight. Thousands of pounds of materials weigh down on the foundation. Therefore, the construction cannot be faulty. Also, older homes tend to have construction issues because installers had the chimney starting at the ground with bottom bricks serving as support. Even newer homes can have structural problems where the footing is too narrow or shallow. In short, the foundation should always be wide enough to support the weight of the bricks, mortar, cap, and crown. 

Inadequate Draining 

Water damage is something most homeowners have experienced or will experience. Leaky roofs, overflowing gutters and downspouts, and the freeze-and-thaw cycle are common issues. When the water pools in different areas surrounding the home, it can cause foundation and masonry cracks. Thus, causing the structure to lean. How does this relate to a leaning roof, you might ask? 

An Aging, Shifting Home

A home shifts naturally over time. Cracks that appear randomly are a part of a home’s aging process. This typical occurrence only becomes a problem if the house moves towards your chimney. It’s a rare problem but not impossible. Loose soil under the home’s foundation is another cause, but rare. 

Contact Champion Chimneys for professional chimney repair today if any of these issues ring a bell! 

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