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Fixing Smoking Fireplaces

Fixing Smoking Fireplaces champion chimneys

Thousands of avoidable chimney fires happen each year.

Fireplaces add much value to homes. This heating mechanism can add charm and character to residences while keeping you and your family nice and toasty. A fireplace is a wise investment that needs proper maintenance. The best practice for properly maintaining fireplaces is ensuring that your chimney is as functional as possible. Thousands of avoidable chimney fires happen each year. Here is how to fix smoking fireplaces. 

Check the Firewood 

Low-quality firewood can cause smoking fireplaces. Commonly, homeowners let this issue slip under the radar. They often believe this issue stems from structural problems within the fireplace or chimney itself. However, adequately seasoned firewood is vital to an excellent burn. Otherwise, you’ll run into issues like spending a lot of money on firewood or smoke billowing back into your home. 

You season the best firewood for a year, creating a log that virtually has almost no moisture and isn’t too dry. Damp firewood produces more smoke than many flues can handle and makes a sizzling sound when you burn them. Also, excessively dry and brittle wood creates an intense fire with more smoke. If smoke is present, stock up on a new batch. 

A Cold Flue

A cold flue or air in the chimney also causes smoking fireplaces. When the air inside your flue is much too frigid, smoke can go back down inside your home because chillier air is denser. Many times this results from not starting a fire for a while. You can prime the chimney by burning newspaper, kindling, or lighting a well-equipped gas starter before the logs. These methods will warm up the flue and make way for smoke. 


In addition, slightly cracking a window or door for the first few minutes of lighting your fireplace releases negative air pressure within the home. Heat will rise, the fireplace will draw, the flue will warm up, and the fireplace will vent properly. Newer, tightly sealed homes often experience this. However, if this issue happens too often for your liking, you should call us to diagnose the actual problem. 

Dirty, Blocked Chimneys 

The more frequent you use your chimney, the dirtier it can become. Dirty chimneys are a leading cause of fireplace smoke. Have us clean your chimney at least once a year so it doesn’t become too unclean. A dirty chimney runs the risk of a fire, and it will cause your fireplace to become far less efficient. 

Other Blockages 

There is a chance there could be a nest of birds in your chimney without you even knowing. A hive of bees could also be in there. Whatever the critter might be, you should enlist the help of a professional to remove them. 

Are you unsure if your fireplace is as functional as it should be? If so, call Champion Chimneys today to learn about our many services. 

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