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Choosing the Right Chimney Cap

Choosing the Right Chimney Cap champion chimneys

Chimney caps are incredibly vital to chimneys, keeping out water and preventing damage caused by moisture.

Did you know that if you didn’t have a chimney, your fireplace, oil burner, or wood or pellet burning stove simply wouldn’t work? And if you have a chimney that’s not up to snuff, that fire-based appliance is not working as efficiently or safely as it should. You should be doing yearly inspections and maintenance of your chimney, including having a professional come out to do chimney sweeping and perform any needed chimney repair. If that professional has determined that you need a new or replacement chimney cap, you should make it happen. Chimney caps are incredibly vital to chimneys, keeping out water and preventing damage caused by moisture. Chimney caps often also have spark guards that keep your roof safe from hot embers. If you need some assistance choosing the right chimney cap, we’re here to help.


The material of the chimney cap is going to be the first major decision you have to make. The least expensive option is galvanized steel. This lower upfront cost comes at the price of less durability – the bottom line is that the cheaper cap will not last as long and will need to be repaired and replaced more often. The mid-tier option for price is stainless steel – it won’t break the bank, but it is more expensive and also more durable. The highest cost option is typically copper – these are also the most stylish option available.

Mesh Size

The size of the mesh should be determined by your needs. The mesh should be about 3/4” to prevent embers that could actually start a fire from going through. Some people may assume that a smaller mesh would be an even better option to stop embers, but smaller mesh sizes tend to get caked in ice and block up.


Most chimneys have common measurements, but some don’t. There are custom-made chimney caps available, but you need a professional to measure for them and install them. The chimney cap has to be the correct size so that it doesn’t interfere with the draft, but it also has to be heavy enough to not be blown away in the wind.


Finally, having a chimney cap with a warranty is a great way to have peace of mind about the investment you’re making. The cheaper the material, however, the less likely it is to have a warranty (if a galvanized steel one has a warranty, it won’t be as long as a stainless steel one).

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