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“What’s That Smell?” Identifying Unpleasant Chimney Odors

“What's That Smell?” Identifying Unpleasant Chimney Odors champion chimneys

Occasionally, fireplaces can also be the source of unpleasant odor in your home.

For many people, a fireplace is one of the top qualities that they look for in a home. The mental image of a crackling fire in the cold of winter is enough to let people see themselves in a potential home that might not otherwise fit their vision. A fireplace creates the perfect ambiance while also adding warmth and comfort to your home. But occasionally, fireplaces can add more than just heat and light. Occasionally, fireplaces can also be the source of unpleasant odor in your home. Here are some potential causes of those bad smells and tips to correct them.

Chimney Blockage

One of the main smelly causes of a chimney blockage is also a sad thing – sometimes birds and other small animals get stuck in a chimney, able to get in through the chimney cap but not able to get back out. Those animals die and as they decay the smell can waft down the chimney. Birds building nests in the chimney (where it is warm) is also pretty common, and over time those old and abandoned nests can decay and give off a bad smell. There’s not much that can be done to ensure that no animals ever get into your chimney, but having your yearly chimney inspection and chimney sweeping done to clear things out can ensure that the chimney odors don’t build up and become a huge issue. 

Broken Seals

Broken seals often result in a damp odor, and musty smells can definitely be unwelcome in a home. This is because broken seals allow water to get into the chimney and those leaks can cause additional issues like water damage. If you’ve got musty chimney odors you should address it during your yearly chimney maintenance, but you will likely need a chimney repair professional to come out to assess the damage and schedule repairs before it gets worse.

Creosote And Soot

If you use the chimney often, you need to also make sure that you’re cleaning it. Getting your flue cleaning done regularly can help keep creosote and soot from building up. The odor of creosote is pretty non-offensive for the most part, but at it starts to really build up it can have a pungent smokey odor. The smokey odor may not be offensive on its own, and possibly even not noticeable during times when the fireplace gets heavy use. It is more likely that you would notice this in the off-season. 

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