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Important Chimney Repairs to Do This Summer

Important Chimney Repairs to Do This Summer champion chimneys

If you have any outstanding chimney repairs that you need to do, summer is typically the best time to do so

With winter well in the rearview mirror, there are some key things to consider as we move into the summer season. When it comes to your chimneys, you will want to consider getting anything that needs repairs repaired immediately. The reality is, while you probably aren’t necessarily thinking about your fireplace or chimneys in the warmer months, it’s the time to make any necessary repairs to the chimney and fireplace in the summer season so it’s ready to use in the colder months. Ultimately, if you have any outstanding chimney repairs that you need to do, summer is typically the best time to do so. Here are some key chimney repairs you’ll want to tackle this summer so you can enjoy your fireplace for many years.

Proper Masonry Repair

If you have masonry repairs that need to be done, there are a few important considerations to take into account. Summer can be the best time to conduct any masonry repairs immediately. If you have any crumbling, faulty, or damaged chimney masonry, you want to get these repairs in place during the summer so the chimney and fireplace can be ready to use as the temperatures drop. For the most part, it’s usually best to take care of any necessary chimney repairs ahead of the colder winter season. Tuckpointing is typically the most common masonry repair that is used. Ultimately, technicians tend to use two different colors of mortar, which then ends up making the chimney look just like new.

Relining Your Chimney

For the most part, having your chimney relined can do wonders for the health and security of your chimney over time. In fact, if you have cracks in the flue of your chimney, then you might want to get your chimney relined so it can be ready to use when you need it in the winter. Many chimneys are now built with flue liners in place but when they get damaged, having them properly relined can do wonders for your chimney’s health and structural integrity. Investing in a new chimney liner is a great approach, particularly in summer. 

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