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What to Know About Chimney Leaks

What to Know About Chimney Leaks

Without an inspection and proper repair, leaky chimneys can cause significant damage to your home.

Chimney leaks are all-too-common occurrences for homeowners with fireplaces. Without an inspection and proper repair, leaky chimneys can cause significant damage to your home and, depending on the nature of the leak, can be a health hazard to your family. So what should you know about chimney leaks? 

What Can Cause Chimney Leaks in Your Home?

Erosion of the Brick and Mortar 

Over time, weather exposure can erode and cause damage to the beautiful brick and mortar used to build your chimney, allowing water to seep through. If you suspect mortar and brick cracking, it’s essential to have a chimney inspection done as soon as possible. Without proper repair, the structural integrity of the chimney can become compromised. 

Damaged Flashing 

Flashing is meant to seal where your chimney comes through the roof and is typically made from aluminum and sealed with a waterproof sealant or tar. If you have chimney leaks because of damaged or faulty flashing, you could also have leaks in your ceiling or attic where the chute goes through the house, which can cause structural damage if not repaired. 

No Chimney Cover 

Chimney caps, crowns, dampers, and chase covers are designed to keep the elements out and protect the flue. Without a protective cover, weather like snow, rain, or hail can damage the interior structure of your chimney. If any leaves or debris make their way inside, you can have a blockage which can be a dangerous health hazard for your family. 

Cracked Chase Cover or Chimney Crown 

If you have a protective chase cover or crown and still see chimney leaks during rainstorms, those coverings may be cracked or damaged. This is very common and is usually due to weather exposure. Concrete crowns can become brittle, and chase covers made of galvanized steel can rust over time. With expert chimney repair, you can opt for a copper, stainless steel, or aluminum chase cover to prevent any future rusting or cracking.  

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