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Does Your Chimney Leak When It Rains?

Does Your Chimney Leak When It Rains? champion chimneys

If your chimney leaks when it rains, here is what you need to know about chimney repair or replacement solutions.

One of the biggest things that lead to chimney damage and leaks is rainwater. A single bad summer storm can lead to water entering small gaps in the masonry and chimney and a stubborn chimney leak that further damages your home. If your chimney leaks when it rains, here is what you need to know about chimney repair or replacement solutions. 

What Happens When Water Gets Into Your Chimney?

Any time that you are missing a chimney cap or rainwater makes its way inside of your chimney, the chimney leak can spill over and cause issues in the rest of your house. What are some of the things that can happen once water gets inside your chimney?

  • Masonry Damage: Ongoing exposure to moisture can lead to permanent damage to the bricks and masonry that compose your chimney. The water from the chimney leak will weaken the materials, weakening the chimney’s structural integrity. 
  • An Ongoing Chimney Leak: When water gets into your chimney, it can lead to additional leaks that cause water stains on the walls around the fireplace and chimney. This water damage will require additional remediation. 
  • Interior Damage: When you need a chimney repair, you can also need other repairs to remove interior damage. Even a small amount of water damage can lead to steep repair bills. 
  • Efflorescence: When water starts to hit the masonry, it will start to evaporate. When the water is gone, the various minerals and salts that were in it will be left behind. This can cause efflorescence to form, which is one sign that you have a chimney leak that requires a chimney repair. 

What Can Cause a Chimney Leak?

  • Chimney flashing that is cracked, faulty, or otherwise damaged
  • Chimney masonry that has deteriorated or is starting to crumble
  • Chimney liner that is damaged or too old to work properly
  • A missing chimney cap
  • A damaged chimney crown

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