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Why Summer is the Best Time for Chimney Repairs

Why Summer is the Best Time for Chimney Repairs champion chimneys

Summer is also ideal for addressing an important part of your home: the chimney.

Summer is many people’s favorite time of year, and why not? The kids love it because they get to be out of school, it’s the season of vacations for many people, and the weather is hot, hot, hot (perfect for the beach and the pool). Summer is also ideal for addressing an important part of your home: the chimney. There is important seasonal maintenance that you should be doing for your chimney each year, including having an annual inspection done and getting a professional chimney sweep to come clean out the chimney (not a DIY job). If the chimney cleaning and chimney inspection turns up some damage to the chimney, summer is the ideal time to address those masonry repairs. Why is that? Let’s dive in and find out!

Correct And Prevent Water Damage

One of the biggest hazards for masonry is water. Bricks and mortar are porous and can be damaged by the water and weather they are constantly exposed to. Water can lead to substantial damage, including crumbling bricks ad mortar and staining called efflorescence). If the damage is caught early enough thanks to routine inspections, it can be corrected by tuckpointing (replacing just the joints) or repointing (replacing the damaged mortar), and often a sealant can be applied to protect the masonry from further damage. 

Repair The Chimney When You Don’t Need It

Another reason tackling any chimney repair needed in the summer makes a lot of sense is that you aren’t using the chimney at that time of year. It would be awful to have your chimney out of commission while it is repaired during a cold snap in the fall or the spring. Instead, repair it in the summer when there’s no chance you could be using it since it is already too hot outside. 

Get Ahead Of The Fall Rush

Finally, the biggest reason to get this work done now is less competition. Once fall rolls around, more people will think about their fireplaces and plan for those cold winter nights. If everyone in your area is trying to get their chimneys ready for winter at the same time, all of those appointments are going to go quickly. Don’t wait until you can get an appointment – call now and have a professional complete your chimney work today!

Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning from Champion Chimneys, Inc.

When you need a trusted company for your chimney inspection and chimney cleaning, you can trust our team. Champion Chimneys, Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured chimney service company that has served customers in Baltimore County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, since 2001. Our team is trained and certified by Certified Chimney Professionals, Inc. (CCP, Inc.). We specialize in all aspects of your chimney system. Whether you need chimney and flue cleaning service or a full chimney rebuild or inspection, contact us at 443-Chimney today and let us fix all your chimney problems. Also, follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Pinterest

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