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Fireplace Safety Tips for the Holidays

Fireplace Safety Tips for the Holidays champion chimneys

With cozy fires being all the rage during the holidays and hanging ornaments abound, fireplace safety is essential.

The holidays are in full swing. And with that comes the preparation — and safety. With all the festive decorations coming out, it becomes increasingly important to keep your home safe during these festive times. With cozy fires being all the rage during this time of year and hanging ornaments abound, fireplace safety is essential. Safety becomes critical during the festive season — and knowing just how to keep your home and fireplace safe this time of year can be helpful. Here are the essential things to remember for a safe holiday season.

A Professional Inspection

You want to ensure that you get your chimney properly inspected and cleaned by a professional ahead of the holiday season. Preparing for hosting out-of-town guests can be fun — and it’ll require a thorough cleaning — which should also include your chimney. Having yearly inspections on your fireplace is a great way to ensure that it is in tip-top shape. If there are pests or the chimney has started deteriorating, knowing all of this before using it is the safest thing you do over the holidays. 

Inspecting Smoke Alarms And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Checking all the critical alarms throughout the home is key. You always want to ensure that your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are properly working. Swapping out old batteries in your smoke alarms for new ones is always a good idea ahead of the holiday season — particularly if you anticipate using the fireplace regularly. Keeping all flammable items and decorations away from the fire is typically a good idea and might seem obvious but it should be noted nonetheless. Having a working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm can keep your home safe during the holidays — especially when the fireplace is likely to be in use during the season ahead.

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