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How to Fix a Blocked Chimney

How to Fix a Blocked Chimney champion chimneys

Fixing a blocked chimney is possible, and the first step is identifying the problem.

When referring to a chimney blockage, we usually mean any obstruction within the flue itself, not blocks at either end of the chimney. If your chimney flue is blocked, all kinds of further damage can happen, so you certainly want to avoid using your chimney if it’s blocked. Fixing a blocked chimney is possible, and the first step is knowing the problem. Let’s look at how you can fix your chimney blockage so you can enjoy a warm winter full of fires!

What’s Blocking Your Chimney?

We see a few common kinds of chimney blockage, including those caused by tree debris, excess soot, small dead animals, or nesting materials from birds and squirrels. Even if your flue isn’t completely blocked, it can cause poor drafts that cause dangerous fireplace smoke to build up in your home. The most dangerous part of a blocked chimney is the carbon monoxide found in the smoke. It’s invisible, odorless, and may cause severe respiratory illnesses or death if inhaled sufficiently. 

How Does it Happen?

If having a blocked chimney is such a common problem, you may wonder, why hasn’t the industry taken steps to stop it from happening? Good news, we have! Having a custom chimney cap installed is the key to keeping blockages away from your fireplace. However, even a chimney cap won’t prevent creosote and soot from building up. These are the #1 cause of chimney fires throughout the nation every year. Creosote forms once smoke condenses and is highly flammable, so it’s only inevitable that ignored creosote buildup will cause problems. 

How to Fix Your Chimney

The typical homeowner doesn’t have the tools or training to remove whatever’s blocking your chimney, whether some leaves and twigs or stubborn creosote building up. That’s why it’s a good time to bring in a professional chimney sweep, who should be equipped to deal with any and every chimney cleaning project. 

They have all of the tools necessary, including solvents, brushes, rods, chains, and more, that make a clean chimney possible once again. Whether you think you need to clean your chimney or not, it’s wise to schedule a chimney sweep to visit your home once a year or so regardless, just to make sure there aren’t any issues.

Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning from Champion Chimneys, Inc.

When you need a trusted company for your chimney inspection and chimney cleaning, you can trust our team. Champion Chimneys, Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured chimney service company that has served customers in Baltimore County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, since 2001. Our team is trained and certified by Certified Chimney Professionals, Inc. (CCP, Inc.). We specialize in all aspects of your chimney system. Whether you need chimney and flue cleaning service or a full chimney rebuild or inspection, contact us at 443-Chimney today and let us fix all your chimney problems. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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